Do you wish you did not have to wear spectacles?

Today most people can wear contact lenses. Advancements in contact lens technology means that even if you were unable to wear contact lenses a few years ago, you will probably be able to wear them now.

Would you like the option of some days having a different look? Do you find spectacles inconvenient for sport, certain social occasions or going on holiday?

The great thing with modern contact lenses is they are so easy to use. You can wear them once in a blue moon or seven days a week. Even if you like wearing your spectacles, you can use contact lenses for a special occasion.

They offer a wider field of vision and do not get splattered with rain drops. You can wear the latest wrap sunglasses over them. Some brands of contact lenses cut out the harmful UV light, giving added protection for out door activities. All of this makes contact lenses the ideal choice for sport, even just going occasionally to the gym.

All our optometrists are very experienced contact lens practitioners; some have been involved in the development of the latest silicon hydrogel materials.

As an independent 0ptometry practice, we can fit any brand of contact lenses and therefore we are not tied to ‘own branded’ budget contact lenses like the chain opticians. Our practices are Acuvue Centres of Excellence, which means we get the latest Johnson and Johnson products before they are available in the chain opticians.