One pair of glasses just isn’t enough.


LYL Older Female SM

Order any pair of Hoya V+Progressive lenses with Hi-Vision Longlife/BlueControl/UV Control coatings

then choose a 2nd pair of 1.5 High-Vision Aqua lenses for either:



Driving     Reading     Sports     Computer




promotion runs from 1st September -31st December 2017. Frame purchase required for the free lenses.


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ENROUTE The driving lens that takes you places.

As roads become more congested and we spend an increasing amount of time behind the wheel, our eyes are taking the strain. EnRoute lenses are designed specifically for motorist, minimising the stress on the visual system and providing a more relaxed driving experience.

Combining a premium single vision or progressive lens design with a specially developed Glare Filter and an optional contrast-enhancing filter, EnRoute lenses offer:

Reduction of reflection and glare from oncoming traffic.

Improved contrast and brightness perception in low-light conditions, fog and rain.

Clear unimpaired vision in the far distance, of the dashboard and mirrors.

Smooth, fast switching of focus between distances.

EnRoute Pro developed specially for professional drivers.

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Computers and your eyes

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See Life’s Potential

Purchase a pair of coated Hoya Id Lifestyle progressive lenses, and qualify for a free pair of Hoya lenses. Your free pair of lenses can be polarised for sun wear, or simply left clear to give yourself  another ‘weekend’ look. (frame purchase required on free lenses)


Ever thought about spectacles for sport? your second pair could be one of Hoya sportive lenses, a lens specially developed for wrap round frames, giving optimum vision for all kinds of sports. We can even tint these for you to give that ultimate look!

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Free Sensity on all V+ Lenses

We are pleased to announce Hoya and Simon Pestell Opticians are offering a free upgrade to Hoya Sensity changeable tints on all V+ spectacle lenses through the months of April and May 2016.

With the newest addition of Sensity Green, this lens is an ideal lens for sports, holidays and leisure activities.


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eye : Max < > create your own style

eye : max<>

Simon Pestell Opticains are pleased to announce they are stockists of the new eye: max <> range of mix and match spectacle frames.

Eye: max glasses allow you to change the temples on your spectacles. Quite easily, any time, anywhere. Thus you can give your spectacles a lot of looks, as you change “only” the temples, your glasses always remain stable.

To change the temples over and over again there is a safety catch perfectly joining the temples with your glasses.

As it’s so easy you can really enjoy trying a new colour or a fancy pattern. There are hundreds of different temples: wide and thin, monochrome and patterned, matt or shiny, made of metal or plastic.

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Light up every situation with HOYA Sensity

Free upgrade to Hoya Sensity photochromic lenses.

Until the 31st August 2015 Simon Pestell Opticians are pleased to offer a free of charge upgrade to Sensity lenses on all V+ Progressive and Single Vision lenses.

Hoya Sensity light reactive lenses ensure you see comfortably in all light conditions without having to change your glasses.

Darkening outdoors in all light conditions, whether you are standing in direct sunlight or in the shade, and then quickly fading back to a clear lens indoors, Hoya Sensity is the perfect solution for every lifestyle.

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Children from Hammond School visit our practice.

We really enjoyed having the children from Hammond School visit our practice as part of their local business experience.

Lightwater Business Association arranged ‘behind the scenes’ visits with local independent business owners, we were amazed how interested the children were, and also the vast range of questions the children asked.

They especially enjoyed touching and feeling contact lenses, and also the experience of trying on our range of junior and teenage spectacle frames.

We were pleased to greet some of our existing patients, who were able to help us convey the importance of regular eye examinations to the other children in the group that had not as yet had a full eye test.


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National Blind Children’s Society.

A big thank you to all our patients who kindly made donations to enter the annual nbcs ‘guess where I come from’ prize draw.

A green toy crocodile is waiting for the lucky winner to whisk him off to his new home. With donations the nbcs has been able to support more than 5000 families over the past 15 years.

The money provided helps to provide:

  • Practical and emotional support.
  • Expert advice in obtaining the most appropriate educational placement.
  • Customised large-print fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Specialised ICT and sensory equipment.
  • Recreational activities for the whole family.
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BlueControl. For that extra bit of comfort in a digital world

LCD and LED computer and television screens, smart phones  tablets and GPS all emit blue light. Although blue light in itself is a natural phenomenon -it is present in daylight and helps us stay awake-  over-exposure can cause eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness.

Hoya BlueControl is a coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital devices, keeping the eyes in better condition. It offers more comfortable and relaxed vision and better contrast perception, preventing eye strain and fatigue.


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